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Opti Human, founded by CEO Dr. Scott Wustenberg, MSC Nut Med, B.SC Physiol/Biochemistry, B.SC Chiro, stands as a beacon for those seeking genuine personal growth and self-discovery. With a blend of holistic teachings and scientifically-backed methodologies, our courses are meticulously crafted to inspire profound transformation.

Dr. Wustenberg's rich academic background and passion for holistic well-being fuel our mission, guiding each individual towards embracing the very best version of themselves. At Opti Human, we believe that with the right tools and guidance, everyone has the potential to navigate the path to a more enlightened, vibrant, and fulfilled life.

Join our community and embark on a journey of self-realization and empowerment.
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Dr. Scott Wustenberg - Founder & CEO
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I stumbled upon Opti Human at a low point in my life, struggling with stress and feeling out of touch with myself. Skeptical at first, Dr. Scott's impressive credentials convinced me to give it a try. The Basic Online Course turned out to be a game-changer. The mix of scientific rigor and holistic approaches touched on exactly what I needed for transformation. From meditation to nutrition, I gained invaluable tools for self-improvement, all while being part of an uplifting community. I now feel more vibrant, enlightened, and fulfilled than ever. Don't hesitate—it's a worthwhile investment in becoming your best self.
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Sarah t.
I used to doubt online courses until I found Opti Human. I joined mainly because the founder, Dr. Scott Wustenberg, seemed really knowledgeable. The course was a pleasant surprise. It taught me new things like mindfulness and how it can help my health. Each lesson gave me easy steps to follow, even with my busy life. It felt like having a personal coach. I'm not just less stressed now; I feel like a better version of myself. If you're unsure, just try it. It's a game-changer.
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Josh S.
The Basic Online Course from Opti Human turned out to be a revelation. The content was so relatable and easy to incorporate into my daily routine. I've tried other wellness platforms before, but this one has a unique approach that makes it feel like a roadmap for life. I've become more focused, happier, and even more social since I started. It's been such a good experience that I'm planning to upgrade to the advanced course. If you're hesitant, take it from me—this course is well worth it. 
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Kyle k.

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